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Valvesafe™:  is an elegant single-use solution for keeping the endoscope valves with the parent endoscope during the entire cleaning, disinfection and storage process.   

StageOne™: is a waterless enoscopy bedside cleaning kit - We have taken out the water and used a detergent concentrate sachet. The main tray (tub) is manufactured from bagasse which is the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It is non-toxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary, and can be recycled. It is degradable and good to the environment. Bagasse is a renewable and sustainable resource and is 100% compostable. 

Alpha-Clean™:  is an all-in-one, resource-sensitive approach to instrument pre-cleaning. It consists of an impregnated detergent wipe in a sachet for the initial wash and wipe of a device immediately post-procedure. All the hospital has to do is provide a tub and just add water. It provides repeatable and consistent results, but is also the most cost-effective approach to standardised scope pre-cleaning.  

Endo Safe Stack™:  endoscope tray system; This represents an innovative system to transfer clean or contaminated endoscopes with a unique system of controls to and from the procedure room. A purpose designed Tray, it protects the delicate endoscope during transfer and storage, potentially reducing expensive scope repairs. The tray system when used with the unique liner system has been developed to help customers conform to the main criteria set in international guidelines including SGNA, AORN, AAMI, ESGENA and BSG Guidelines.   

Scope Pro-tech™:  endoscope tip protectors - These tip protectors, provide a simple, safe, and highly effective method of protecting the delicate optics of an endoscope, while allowing the tip to 'breath'.

ColoGrip™: Endoscopic gripping device - ColoGrip has been developed as an aid which allows torquing and manoeuvring of the colonoscope shaft to help progress the scope through the colon. It has been designed to enhance the grip of the colonoscope to make insertion easier and reduce the repetitive strain associated with manoeuvring the scope through the anatomy. In addition, ColoGrip may help reduce or remove the formation of alpha-loops (due to the enhanced grip) and therefore possibly increase the incidence of cecal intubations. Finally, it may also aid the process of keeping the scope steady, during difficult and complicated procedures.  

OxyShield: is an oxygenating bite block design on a standard bite block but with the oxygenating feature, and other propriety features. An endoscopic biteblock which provides a simple, safe, and highly effective method of quickly delivering oxygen to the patient it helps prevent the occasional episodes of hypoxia and hypoxic cardiac arrests as it ensures adequate oxygenation during endoscopic procedures. 

Single-use Water bottle: is an innovative system that offers a safe and convenient alternative to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems, or fixing bottle caps onto bottles of sterilised water. It represents a simple solution with simple functionality and is a purpose designed pre-filled bottle, which will fit all known endoscopes. It is a 24-hour system, but also could become a single-patient use product and an A/W channel bedside cleaning product. Clinical data has demonstrated Contamination via water bottles – this potential is eliminated with the Single-use Water bottle there is no need to clean or sterilise, track or bio burden test it.  

Bag and Tag: Is a unique transport and short-term storage solution for endoscopes and other delicate equipment. It minimises direct handling or contact with airborne contaminants.  

Eco EZ Cleanse: This is an endoscope ultra pre-cleaner designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope immediately post-procedure. It brings together all the necessary components to undertake the pre-clean stage in one easy-to use single-use kit. Again, this product has been designed with the very latest guidelines in mind.

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