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Valvesafe™ - Cleaning & Disinfecting

Both the manufacturer of the reusable medical device and the user of the device have roles to play in ensuring the safe and effective reprocessing of medical devices.


Personnel involved with the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of endoscopes should refer to their national and international guidelines as well as refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer as, in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive, CE marked reusable devices must all be supplied with comprehensive validated reprocessing instructions.


Decontamination of endoscopes should be undertaken by trained staff in dedicated rooms. Staff training programmes should be implemented and documented. There are some specific points with regards to endoscope valves, which should be taken into consideration:


1) During endoscope reprocessing, all valves should be removed (air/water, suction valves, biopsy valves and cleaning valves) from the endoscope and placed in the cleaning solution.


2) During storage of the endoscope, valves and protective caps must be removed and stored separately.


3) Detachable parts that are to be re-used (e.g. air/water and suction valves/pistons) should be reprocessed together with the corresponding endoscope as a unique set in order to allow traceability.

Product Detail

Valvesafe allows safe and effective valve storage and ensures that they remain as part of a unique set with their parent endoscope.

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