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Meditech also partners with companies in all fields of medical devices to enhance their internal product development; providing development and manufacturing of new products, features to existing products or cost reduction exercises.


Our team are highly experienced in supporting Medical Device companies with the development of new products.

We have provided consulting throughout the lifecycle of a product, from conception through development and onto licensing/ commercialization


The pathway from design to commercialization for a new medical device can be unclear and complex. Meditech's consulting solution offers a customized solution designed to meet your needs from product conception through design to testing and production.


The above experience means we have the right level of expertise to add value to your plans through ensuring the design of the right pathway to achieve Medical Device product success.

Our medical device team work closely with the client’s product development and clinical teams to develop a strategy that balances timelines and cost against the delivery of a marketable product that offers competitive advantages over existing products on the market.  


Maximizing the value of device assets through strong commercialization, innovation and development, all in an integrated manner, is the true benefit of working with us:


Working with us provides the benefits innovation and development through to strong commercialisation all in an integrated manner:


>  Creating the environment for innovation to flourish in the face of increased competition

>  Tuning product and process development, marketing and regulatory capabilities

>  Accelerating the time to market of innovative new products

>  Increasing the market place value of existing and new productsCoupling our significant, global experience supporting Medical Device companies with our integrated approach provides true advantages to our clients, mainly the successful development of their products in-line with their commercial objectives.


Due to our creativity, experience and track record we believe we can provide great value to partnering companies.


If you are interested in new products in Flexible Endoscopy or would like to confidentially discuss how Meditech can be of help to you in any field of medical devices please contact us at info@i-medical.net

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