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Alpha-Clean™ is an all-in-one, resource-sensitive approach to scope pre-cleaning. It consists of an impregnated detergent wipe in a sachet for the initial wash and wipe of a device immediately post-procedure. All the hospital has to do is provide a tub and just add water. It is easy to use and lowers shipping costs. It is a non-toxic, non-ionic surfactant and anti-foaming which provides excellent cleaning for endoscopes. It provides repeatable and consistent results, but is also the most cost-effective approach to standardised scope pre-cleaning



• Addresses the need of international guidelines

• Simple to use. Utilise an existing tub, and just add water

• 50 easy-peel sachets in the compact dispensing box

• Allows for either clinical or Olympus guidelines to be followed

• Easy to transport and store

• Universal cleaning wipe

• No water, reducing the weight. Alpha-Clean™ is exceptionally light, reducing the burden on transport costs by up-to 70% and the product uses less packing material reducing the waste stream

Endoscope bedside kit

The Alpha-Clean Bedside Cleaning kit addresses all the recent US, World and European Guidelines. 




Pre-cleaning should be performed at the point of use, before bioburden has an opportunity to dry and before complete decontamination.




Pre-cleaning: Clear gross debris by sucking detergent through the working channel (250 ml).




Before the endoscope is detached from the light source and video processor, detergent solution is sucked through the working channel. Wipe down the insertion tube with a soft, disposable cloth/sponge.




Immerse the distal end of the insertion section in the solution. Depress the suction valve on the endoscope and aspirate detergent through the endoscope for 30 seconds.


This equates to about 500ml of detergent solution.

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