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Single-use Water bottle

The Single-use Water bottle Rinse and Insufflation System simplifies infection prevention practices and minimizes tedious reprocessing.



• Vertically suspends from the scope eliminating the need for a water bottle and holder.

• One configuration, utilizes two sources of Insufflation - room air and CO2.

• Eliminates reprocessing of the reusable water bottles. Use it for the day then discard.


Bridges the gap between reusable bottles and smart caps.


All endoscopic disinfection guidelines state that water bottles should be reprocessed and traced. Single-use Water bottle is an innovative system that offers a safe and convenient alternative to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems, or fixing bottle caps onto bottles of sterilised water


Sterile, Simple, Safe and Effective water delivery. Simple fixing onto the endoscope.


Different adaptors can be inserted into the bottle for use with different scopes.


No tubing like reusable bottles and smart caps means that there is less likelihood of pressure blow back upon scope removal, and there is also one less potential area fro cross-contamination.

The removal of the tubing will also reduce the time taken for the water to reach the endoscope lens system

Single-use Water bottle

National endoscopy programme states:


Water bottles are manually cleaned and sent to the SSD for sterilisation as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

Water bottles are changed after each endoscopy session

Sterile water is used in the water bottle





water bottles and connecting tubes must be cleaned and sterilized on a daily basis

The water bottles should be filled with sterile water and changed after each endoscopy session

Additionally, testing of water bottles should be included in regular quality control

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