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Endo SafeStack™

The Endo SafeStack  is a patented tray and cover system for safe scope storage and transfer between the cleaning room and procedure room. Endo SafeStack consists of a vacuum formed moulded tray specifically designed  to help protect the delicate endoscope during transfer and storage potentially reducing expensive scope repairs. The tray will fit all makes and models of GI and surgical endoscopes and has been designed  to be stacked one on top of the other and then turned 180 degrees to be able to be nested within the tray below, to allow space saving and easy transport. The tray has four corner pegs so the disposable sheets can be firmly attached.

Scope storage and transportation system



• An innovative system to transfer clean or contaminated endoscopes with a unique system of controls to and from the procedure room

• A purpose designed Tray, protects the delicate endoscope during transfer and storage

• Disposable cover, is placed on the tray and indicates when the scope is either Clean or Contaminated

• Printed cover aids the customer to know exactly how to place the endoscope and any flexible accessories into the tray

• The clever design of the Endo SafeStack System™ means that the trays fit into each other saving space and reducing storage requirements

• Can be turned 180 degrees for stacking on a work surface

• A truly universal tray, the Endo SafeStack System™ can also be stored in pre-existing carts

The Endo SafeStack address all the Bedside Cleaning kit addresses all the recent US, World and European Guidelines:


AAMI ST91;2015


When transporting an endoscope that has been high-level disinfected, the endoscope should be protected from recontamination. Examples would be a clean plastic bag, endoscope transfer system (scope in a tote bin with a cover), or similar method. The endoscope should be loosely coiled to prevent damage.




Endoscopes are transported to the decontamination area in a covered receptacle that is of an appropriate size so as to avoid contaminating the environment.

The clean scope is either stored immediately in a suitable cabinet or transported individually in a covered receptacle to prevent recontamination or damage.





Contaminated devices must be transported from the endoscopy room to the reprocessing room in closed containers, with attention paid to protective measures regarding staff and environment.

After the endoscope has been detached from the light source and video processor it is transported in a closed container to the reprocessing room to avoid environmental contamination.

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