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StageOne™ is an all-in-one Tub, detergent channel cleanser and scope sponge designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope immediately post-procedure. It consists of a unique biodegradable pot, and a sachet containing a universal sponge and detergent concentrate. All you need to do is just add water!

Endoscope bedside kit



• Addresses the need of international guidelines

• Ecological tub. Bagasse is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, renewable organic material. In addition it is nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary, and can be recycled and good to the environment. Bagasse is a renewable and sustainable resource and is 100% compostable.

• Easy peel sachet and universal shaped reticulated sponge

•  The unique two-level design of the StageOne™ tub allows for either clinical or Olympus guidelines to be followed

• Easy to transport and store

•  No water, reducing the weight. StageOne™ is exceptionally light, reducing the burden on transport costs by up-to 30% and the product uses less packing material reducing the waste stream

The StageOne Bedside Cleaning kit addresses all the recent US, World and European Guidelines.


AAMI ST91;2015


To prevent build-up of bioburden, development of biofilms, and drying of secretions, precleaning should take place at the point of use immediately following the procedure




Pre-cleaning should be performed at the point of use, before bioburden has an opportunity to dry and before complete decontamination.




Precleaning removes organic material (e.g., blood, body fluids, body soil) and decreases the bioburden, making it much more likely that subsequent reprocessing steps will be successful. Precleaning occurs in the procedure room immediately after removal of the insertion tube from the patient and prior to disconnecting the endoscope from the power source. Precleaning should be performed at point of use, before bioburden has an opportunity to dry and before complete decontamination

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