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Valvesafe™ - What is Valvesafe

Valvesafe™ is a single-use endoscope valve cage for the safe storage of endoscope valves and to ensure they remain as part of a unique set with the parent endoscope, as recommended by a number of National and International guidelines.

Product Detail

Valvesafe is designed to take up to 4 valves; the air/water valve, suction valve air/water cleaning adaptor and the biopsy cap if this has not breached.


Valvesafe™ contains a number of useful benefits:


1) Addresses the need in the International Guidelines

2) Locks onto the endoscope – without concealing any part

3) Keeps the valves ‘locked’ together with the parent endoscope

4) Assists in the traceability of the scope and its’ valves

5) Protects the valves against damage during the cleaning process

6) Integrated opening for Air/water cleaning adaptor chain

7) Open’ design to allow disinfectant through

8) Plastic construction to prevent ‘rust’ and prevent any microbiological growth

9) Single-use – helps prevent cross-contamination

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