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Valvesafe™ - How to use Valvesafe

Product Detail

The British Society of Gastroenterology ‘Guidelines For Decontamination of Equipment for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’, state that


Every effort should be made to employ single-use equipment, and in some circumstances this may be a cheaper as well as safer option. Adequate funding must be available to endoscopy units for the purchase of single-use biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, guidewires and other accessories.


Until the recent introduction of Valvesafe™ there has been no reliable or purposed designed means of ensuring the endoscope valves remain as a unique set with their parent endoscope.


Users must ensure they are aware of the endoscopic guidelines and evaluate this against what procedures they are currently employing to keep a unique set, and what products they are using to achieve this.


Questions, as part of a risk assessment into this area should include:


•Are you aware of all the relevant guidelines?

•Are these being complied with?

•What methods are currently being used – is there a cost involved?

•Can you guarantee a unique set?

•What happens if you are found not to be following the guidelines

•What are the legal and medical consequences?


Of course a new single use item will have a cost, but the value of Valvesafe™ ensures guideline compliance and reduces the potential for mistakes and therefore possible liability.

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