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Valvesafe™ - Guidelines

Product Detail

Other reusable metal ‘strainers’ have the disadvantage of having a micromesh, which may prevent AER detergent and disinfectant liquid from penetrating the device and therefore from reaching the valves inside. In addition, some metals used in these devices can corrode after prolonged use in some AERs.


In response to this need, the Valvesafe™ single use endoscope valve cage has been developed to provide a secure means of attaching endoscope valves to the parent endoscope, while its wide open design mean that disinfecting liquid can easily penetrate through the device and onto the vales.

Recent guidelines, such as the BSG and ESGENA guidelines have made clear the importance of the provision of traceability records for all items used during an endoscopic procedure. It is essential to ensure that detachable parts to the endoscope – in particular the valves – are kept with the ‘parent’ instrument. Traditional “detergent bags” have been used to achieve this but have the major drawback of being made of material. This in turn means that they retain moisture following a reprocessing cycle which provides one of the essential conditions for the growth of micro-organisms.

The single-use nature of Valvesafe™ ensures that cross-contamination is minimised

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