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Oxyshield™ - What is Oxyshield

Flexible medical endoscopes are used for the internal examination of various parts of the human or animal body.


Bite blocks are essential to upper endoscopic procedures as the passage of upper endoscopes without a bite block can cause costly scope damage.


OxyShield is an oxygenating bite block. Many patients are provided with oxygen during a procedure, and often this is done by a tube placed into a nostril and secured by means of a small circular sponge. Another way of delivering oxygen, is via an oxygenating bite block.


OxyShield has design features more in-line with standard bite blocks, rather than the more 'industrial' design of other oxygenating bite blocks.


In addition, it has a number of propriety features such as the 'retaining slopes' on the bite area, which are designed to 'pull' the teeth towards the front of the block to help prevent the block from exiting the mouth during the procedure. There is also the 'friction grip' at the top of the bite block. This is where the nurse may place a finger during the procedure, and this will better facilitate her grip.

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