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Oxyshield™ - Features and Benefits

Product Detail

OxyShield™ Oxygenating bite-block



Oxygen inlet and outlets

Provides a simple, safe, and highly effective method of quickly delivering oxygen to the patient via two nasal and two oral outlets within the bite block. This reduces additional equipment in and around the mouth and nose decreasing anxiety.

Retaining slopes

Designed to 'pull' the teeth towards the front of the block to help prevent the block from exiting the mouth during the procedure.

Finger friction pad

This is where the nurse may place a finger during the procedure, and this will better facilitate her grip

Large side port openings

Allows insertion of suction tube. Enables finger assisted scope insertion

60 fr Large Lumen

Allow passage of up to 60F dilator.

Rearguard retaining lip

Minimises bite block movement. Enhanced scope protection.

Non Latex Strap

Adjustable and easy to use.

Soft Polyethylene

Comfortable of patient. High-density construction resists compression from bite force to maximise scope protection.

Registered Design Right

OxyShield has registered design right, protecting its design and therefore the product cannot be copied.

Great value

Most Competitively priced solution in the market

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