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Eco Ez Cleanse™

Endoscope Ultra Pre-Cleaner !


“Before the endoscope is detached from the light source and video processor, detergent solution is sucked through the working channel and the air/water channel is flushed with water in order to remove debris and to check the correct functioning of the channel. The insertion tube is cleaned externally with a soft, disposable cloth/sponge.”*


Eco EZ Cleanse™ is an endoscope ultra pre-cleaner designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope immediately post-procedure. It brings together all the necessary components to undertake the pre-clean stage in one easy-to use single-use kit.


*ESGE - ESGENA guideline: Cleaning and disinfection in gastrointestinal endoscopy Update 2008 U. Beilenhoff et al

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