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Eco Ez Cleanse™ - What is Eco Ez Cleanse

Eco EZ Cleanse™ is an all-in-one Channel Cleanser and scope sponge designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope immediately post-procedure. It consists of a unique two-tiered pot, a universal sponge and a sachet of detergent concentrate. All you need to do is just add water!

Product Detail

By putting them into one easy convenient kit, there will be a saving in human resource, which could be more effectively be put to use elsewhere.


The unique blend of surfactants in Eco EZ Cleanse™ provides an extremely low surface tension and starts to break down gross debris immediately upon contact, preventing the formation of biofilm within the endoscope channels. However, Eco EZ Cleanse™ is not a fixative and is also anti-foaming and contains corrosion inhibitors, making it safe to use with endoscopes.


Eco EZ Cleanse™ is powered by an effective detergent which is dedicated and approved for endoscopy use. It combines an excellent cleaning performance with highest material compatibility and economic efficiency. For several years it has been used increasingly successful for manual and automated cleaning of medical devices in hospitals and surgeries.

Eco EZ Cleanse™ is provided in stable packaging which is easy to put into a CleanaScope tray. It has an easy peel detergent sachet and dedicated scope sponge to wipe down the outside surface of the endoscope.


The Eco EZ Cleanse™ tub is also open, so that the nurse can see exactly how much solution has been sucked up and is completely safe to use and is 100% biodegradable.

Eco EZ  Cleanse™ contains a number of useful benefits:


•Tiered tub - Addresses the need in the International Guidelines

•Two levels – for either medical guidelines or Olympus guidelines

•No water – better for transport and storage. Ecological!

•Non-ionic non-foaming surfactant – ultra wet detergent!

•Detergent is dedicated for endoscopy pre-cleaning

•Stable packaging easy to put into Cleanascope tray

•Stackable container – excellent for packing and storage

•Non-toxic, safe to handle and flush away and is 100% biodegradable

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