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Eco Ez Cleanse™ - Compatibility of Eco Ez Cleanse

Product Detail

Compatibility with other chemicals


The detergent in Eco EZ Cleanse combines an excellent cleaning performance with highest material compatibility and economic efficiency.


For several years it has been used increasingly successful for manual and automated cleaning of medical devices in hospitals and surgeries.

The detergent is dedicated and approved for endoscopy use. It has also undergone trials with a number of companies around the world. There should be no reaction with enzymatic detergents or alkaline detergents and has been shown no reaction with disinfectants such as Sterilox®, Peracetic Acid, Tristel® or Peracetic acid-based Apalan from Lancer.


The detergent is widely used as a cleaning agent both in endoscope and surgical instrument manual and automated decontamination processes. Extensive analytical and R&D have taken place to ensure comprehensive liquid and material compatibility.  


In addition the detergent used in AER machines, and is re-branded to be sold around the world

Compatibility with endoscopes


The active ingredients within Eco EZ Cleanse™, have been extensively tested for compatibility with the metals and plastics that are used in the manufacture of flexible and rigid endoscopes. 

It has been specifically formulated for initial manual or automated cleaning prior to full processing of endoscopes. The compatibility testing completed to date, shows that prolonged exposure of endoscopic equipment to the detergent will not result in any loss of performance or damage.


In addition, the brand has been endorsed by a number of scope and AER manufacturers and the NHS Supply Chain amongst other!


It has been used for many years and has an impeccable record, and of course, we can supply all this compatibility data at your request.


Indeed, since the launch of Eco EZ Cleanse in the UK some years ago there have been no reported problems of any kind, and has been used extensively with Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax endoscopes.

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