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Eco Ez Cleanse™ - Cost effectiveness of Eco Ez Cleanse

Product Detail

EZ Cleanse™  is manufactured within a certificated quality management system assure that it meets the stringent standards required globally for medical equipment manufacture and supply.

Until the recent introduction of ECO EZ Cleanse™ there has been few reliable or purposed designed means of ensuring the correct concentration and quantity of detergent is used in the pre-cleaning stages of endoscope decontamination.


There are "Green Benefits" of the Eco EZ Cleanse as the kit ships with a concentrated solution of neodisher® MediClean forte detergent. Therefore shipping costs are reduced by 30% and less packaging has to be used in the box packaging. You simply are not paying to ship water.


Questions, as part of a risk assessment into this area should include:


•What happens if you are found not to be following the guidelines?

•How are you measuring the correct concentration of the detergent? Are you making it too strong or too weak? Eco EZ Cleanse™ provides a pre-mixed detergent at the correct concentration!

•How much detergent are they making up? Is this the correct amount or is this too much (a wasted expense!) or too little (are they therefore pre-cleaning their endoscopes properly?) Again, Eco EZ Cleanse™ gives you exactly the correct quantity of pre-mixed detergent for the preliminary cleaning regime.

•What pot are you using to mix the detergent up in? Is this readily available, and is it transparent so they can see exactly how much has been sucked up? Is it stable, or could it fall over?

•Do you have a sponge at hand? If not, what are you using?

•By mixing their detergent in the procedure room they are aerosolising detergent (and possibly enzymes) in the procedure room. Will this contribute to increased sensitisation, leading to skin and respiratory problems for them and their staff?

•What are the legal and medical consequences?


Of course a new single use item will have a cost, but the value of Eco EZ Cleanse™ ensures guideline compliance and reduces the potential for mistakes and therefore possible liability.

The British Society of Gastroenterology ‘Guidelines For Decontamination of Equipment for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’, state that


Every effort should be made to employ single-use equipment, and in some circumstances this may be a cheaper as well as safer option.


Adequate funding must be available to endoscopy units for the purchase of single-use biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, guidewires and other accessories.


Eco EZ Cleanse™ Endoscope Ultra Pre-Cleaner



Addresses the need in the International Guidelines

Non-ionic surfactant – ultra wet!

Dedicated and approved for endoscopy use with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming agents.

Stable packaging easy to put into Cleanascope tray


Easy to see how much detergent has been aspirated

Easy peel sachet and universal shaped reticulated sponge

Non-toxic, safe to handle and flush away and is 100% biodegradable

Only one product needed for 250ml and 500ml

Easy to transport and store?


Only one product needed for 250ml and 500ml


Easy to transport and store?


No water, reducing the weight

All endoscopic disinfection guidelines state that endoscopes must be flushed and wiped with detergent immediately after the procedure.

The unique blend of surfactants in Eco EZ Cleanse™ immediately break down bio-burden and prevent biofilm from even forming.

Specifically tested for use with endoscopes and will not cause any damage to the componetry of these delicate instruments.

Won’t fall over and cause messy spills and can be easily transported in a Cleanascope tray.

You can see exactly how much detergent has been sucked up, and how much there is left to go.

Easy to use, with both the detergent and sponge all in one place. Sponge is specially designed to hold liquid.

Eco EZ Cleanse is extremely safe to use and handle giving you piece of mind.

The unique two-tiered design of the Eco EZ Cleanse™ tub allows for either clinical or Olympus guidelines to be followed.

The clever design of Eco EZ Cleanse™ means that the tubs fit into each other saving space and reducing storage requirements

By having detergent concentrate rather than pre-made detergent, Eco EZ Cleanse™ is exceptionally light, reducing the burden on transport costs by upto 30% and the product uses less packing material reducing the waste stream!

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