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Eco Ez Cleanse™ - Guidelines

Product Detail

Recent published data, such as the BSG and ESGENA guidelines have made clear the importance of the pre-cleaning of endoscopes prior to the manual cleaning stage.


Rinsing and flushing of scope channels must be conducted at the examination site. The outer surfaces of the scope must be wiped off, preferably with a dedicated detergent solution.

In the past, endoscopy units have undertaken this crucial procedure using a number of different products at hand; for example, a measuring pot, a gauze and some detergent. However, it is never clear how much detergent is to be used and what the correct concentration should be.


In response to this need, the Eco EZ Cleanse™ single use endoscope ultra pre-clean kit has been developed to provide an all-in-one kit, ensuring the right amount of detergent and the correct concentration is used, whilst bringing this all together in one easy to use convenient kit.


The single-use nature of Eco EZ Cleanse™ ensures that cross-contamination is minimised.

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