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Endo Bag and Tag™ - Tamperproof and traceable

With the Endo Bag and Tag™ System, there is a fail-safe way of telling whether scopes are clean or dirty, and staff can make sure instruments are in the appropriate area—especially important in hectic endoscopy departments. They can also be assured that the scopes have not been accidently removed or replaced due to the anti-tamper design of the tags.

Product Detail

The anti-tamper design of the tags, means that hospital staff are always assured that the scope within the bag is exactly as the tag says – either clean or dirty. There can be no chance that the scope has accidently been removed or replaced without the tag being broken.


Each Tag is marked with a unique serial number, which simplifies transportation and assists cleaning room organization. Designed to promote safety and improve efficiency of the endoscope processing cycle.


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