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Scope Pro-tech™

The Scope Pro-tech™ is an endoscopic tip protector which provides a simple, safe and highly effective method of protecting the delicate optics of and endoscope, while allowing the tip to ‘breath’ and thus not allowing biofilm to form.




• Protects the tip of the endoscope and provides a simple, safe and highly effective method of protecting the entire distal end of the scope. Scope distal end does not protrude as they are required to do with current boot sponges

• Open design allows the scope to 'breath' and does not retain  moisture which could increase potential bioburden

• Minimal contact on the scope allows the scope to aerate during storage and transport

• Easy to use; Fits onto a wide variety of scopes of multiple diameters, including standard GI scopes

• Clean and dirty feature technology prevents re-use of the device on a subsequent clean endoscope

• Easy to remove by simply detaching from the endoscope and therefore reduces the possibility of damage

• Ensures guideline compliance

• Disposable, one-time use minimizing cross-contamination

According to the main endoscope manufacturers and repairers the tip of the scope has to be protected


Pentax – Lenses, cover glasses and the distal end can be damaged if subjected to a significant shock. Carefully handling and transporting it will reduce the risk of impact damage.


Olympus – Proper scope care and handling can dramatically affect the lifespan of an endoscope.


IMS - 70% of flexible endoscopes sent out for repair are damaged by improper care and handling. It is most important to protect the tip during its cabinet placement, retrieval, and/or movement


SGNA 2010 House of Delegates stated:


SGNA’s Practice Committee more clearly state how scopes should be stored with regard to no sponge or padding on the distal tip of the insertion tubes.


Any retained fluid may get trapped in the sponge and then it could become a breeding ground for bacteria.


The latest SGNA data: CS-33 Infection Prevention and the GI Team, Nashville 2014:


Sponge protectors should not be placed around tip of the scope to avoid microbilogical growth


AAMI guidelines ST91:2015


The sponge scope protector may create an environment favorable for microbial growth if the endoscope is not dry and cannot hang straight (Thomas, 2005; Goldstine, 2005; Bisset et al., 2006).

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