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Meditech designs, develops and manufactures or licences innovative medical devices. We have many pending and granted patents and many years of product development experience and a long list o f products that have improved medical care and increased value to partnering companies.


We use two approaches to our business. We identify new product opportunities by working with physicians and then develop products through regulatory approval and limited marketing release showing safety and efficacy. Or we partner with other companies for sales and distribution; Several technologies and products in Flexible Endoscopy exist at various stages of development.


Meditech also partners with companies in all fields of medical devices to enhance their internal product development; providing development and manufacturing of new products, features to existing products or cogs reduction. Due to our creativity, experience and track record we believe we can provide great value to partnering companies. 


Meditech is committed to responsible behaviour. This governs the way we interact with our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the setting in which we operate, including governments, society, local communities, and the environment. 

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